Photos from the CAAS Centennial Conference
Washington, DC, October 4-7, 2007
Thanks to Ann Raia for taking these pictures.

Ann Raia
First Vice President Ann R. Raia presides over the Friday luncheon honoring E. Adelaide Hahn and 20 years of Hahn Fellows.
Jennifer Brown, ChrisAnn Matteo
2007 Centennial Hahn Fellows Jennifer L. Brown and Chris Ann Matteo prepare to describe their summer study at the American Academy in Rome.
Helene Foley
Helene Foley discusses the history of the Greek play at Barnard during the plenary session on “A Century of Classical Theater and Performance in the CAAS Region.”
Lee Pearcy
Also at the session on “A Century of Classical Theater and Performance in the CAAS Region,” Lee T. Pearcy describes Greek plays offered during the early years of the University of Pennsylvania.
David Murphy
Second Vice President David Murphy presides over the Saturday luncheon honoring local, state, and regional classical associations.
Barbara McManus, Ann Raia
After the “Representing Our Ancestors” plenary session, Grace Harriet Macurdy (Barbara F. McManus) enjoys the Saturday reception with one of the ancient Greek women who were the subject of her scholarship (Ann R. Raia).
Marianthe Colakis and Linda Mitchell Thompson
A queenly Juno (Linda Mitchell Thompson) condescends to pose with Marianthe Colakis during Saturday's gala reception..
Shelley Haley and David Murphy
Anna Julia Cooper (Shelley P. Haley) reminisces with David Murphy and Regional Rep Sarolta Takács during the reception after the “Representing Our Ancestors” session.
Anna Lea, Trianthe Dakolias, Eleanor Moulakis, Phyllis Culham
CAAS Second Vice President elect Phyllis Culham (seated) greets officers of the Society for the Preservation of the Greek Heritage, which graciously sponsored the reception: (from left to right) Anna Lea, President, Trianthe Dakolias, Treasurer, and Eleanor Moulakis, member of the SPGH Board of Trustees.
Leonard Slatkin
Leonard Slatkin, Music Director of the National Symphony Orchestra, delights CAAS members during the Sunday luncheon with analogies between his work and ours, since we all are engaged in presenting and interpreting classical works for a modern audience.
Carl Rubino and Ann Raia
President Carl A. Rubino happily passes the CAAS gavel, and with it the presidency, to Ann R. Raia.
Judith Hallett
Judith P. Hallett, CAAS Program Coordinator extraordinaire, is finally able to relax at the close of the conference.
CAAS Board of Directors
The CAAS Board of Directors begins its meeting at the end of the conference; amazingly, everybody appears alert and eager to work.
October, 2007
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