CAAS Tribute to Judith P. Hallett

On Friday 9 October 2009, CAAS President David J. Murphy presented a special tribute to a surprised Judy Hallett—a beautifully framed and calligraphed Latin poem that he had written to honor her for her long service to CAAS, including President 1999-2000, Program Committee Chair/Coordinator 2000-2009. Thanks to Ronnie Ancona for her help with an earlier draft of the poem and Liz Gloyn and Mark Hallett for the photos.

Judith Hallet and David Murphy

Multas per gentes et multa per aequora vecta,
O—quam te memorem, dea?—vel volans croceis per
Caelum roscida pinnis, sive reliqueris amnes
Virginiae lutulentos, sive cacumina Montis
Alcis, res nostras afflictas restituebas.
Fortunas emendavisti colloquiorum,
Saepe magistris et sociis aere auxiliata es,
Et quotiens referunt fluctus nos in mare saevi,
Vi ingenioque tuo navis portum occupat aequa.
Grati igitur, Judith, plaudamus perpetuo te.
           Ante diem vii Idus Octobres
       Anno MMDCCLXII ab Urbe Condita

Borne through many peoples and through many seas,1
O—how shall I call you, goddess?2—or flying through the sky,
dewy on saffron wings,3 whether you have left the muddy
rivers of Virginia, or the Elk Mountain4 peaks,
you would restore our battered affairs.
You improved the fortunes of our conferences,
often with money you gave help to teachers and our members,
and as often as savage billows carry us back into open sea,
by your force and talent our ship makes port on an even keel.5
Grateful, therefore, Judith, we applaud you forever.

1Cf. Catullus 101.1
2Cf. Vergil, Aeneid 1.327
3Cf. Aeneid 4.700
4The Elk Mountains are a range in Colorado that includes Aspen Mountain.
5Cf. Horace, Odes 1.14.1-2
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